Carpinteria 2013

Despite my efforts to skip this summer adventure this year, the twins persisted and we spent a few days at the Kent family reunion.  This gathering is only held every other year due to the distance that people have moved over time.  We had family in attendance from Minnesota, Washington, Utah and Arizona.  Early in the week they had up to 60 people camping and eating as a group.  By the time we arrived on Wednesday, the group had dropped by about 15 people and by Friday there was around 40.  IMG_3031

Due to lack of time off and financial constraints, Harley and I both worked up until Wednesday.  We picked Adam and Luke up on the way out of town and arrived in Carpinteria around 8:00.  The kids were so excited to see everyone that we went directly to the campsites. After visiting for a hour or so, we checked into Motel 6 for just one night.  I convinced myself that it would be too hard to get everyone and everything set up after dark.  But honestly Motel 6 was no real treat.  It was barely a step up from camping.IMG_3030The following morning we had breakfast at IHOP.  The kids love eating breakfast in a restaurant.  Emma tried eggs, hashbrowns, and pancakes.   She is getting to the point were she wants to eat just about everything we eat.  Its fun to watch her. 

The next two nights we camped in a tent and didn’t sleep to great either night.  Emma was restless and I was constantly worried she was going to start crying and wake everyone camping around us. She mainly slept on the air mattress with Harley and I. IMG_3028

Highlights of the trip included the beach, the candy store, and Foster’s Freeze. 

All the kids loved the beach.   I don’t care for the salt water and the sand but they don’t seem to mind.  Emma ate a little sand but mostly just wanted to play with it and throw it. 

IMG_3016 IMG_3018

IMG_3022 IMG_3060 

Emma actually took a nice nap on the beach one day while the boys were busy playing in the ocean. The used the boogie boards some but preferred just jumping and swimming in the crashing waves. They also enjoyed catching sand crabs and seashells.

IMG_3061IMG_3068We took a walk on morning to the local candy shop which is another long time tradition.  We gave the boys each a dollar limit and they cooperated for the most part.  The both bought a  and thank goodness IMG_3052 lost interest before it was ever completely eaten.   I got some Malt Balls and Harley chose some chocolate covered Honeycomb.  The best part for me was watching all the children walk to the store and interact with one another…. followed by the excitement in their eyes when they enter the candy shop.  IMG_3047IMG_3054 IMG_3051

Another highlight for the children is going out to ice cream at Foster’s Freeze.  Its much more expensive than Thrifty’s was when I was a child but that doesn’t exist anymore.  This picture makes them look so sweet but ti doesn’t tell the real story.  Before and after this, Adam and Luke were teaching Krew how to make fart noises with their armpits.  It was classic…..BOYS….!IMG_3070The trip wouldn’t have been complete without a night out for the adults.  Michelle Hollis watched the boys while we went out to eat at The Palms.  Its a family owned steak house that we have been going to for years and years.  The catch is you have to cook your own meat which Harley thought was ridiculous.  I love it because its tradition and associated with so many great childhood memories. 

We had the opportunity to help cook a few meals while we were there.   We cooked pancakes and sausage for breakfast one morning and prepped all the ingredients for some yummy tin foil dinners.  The boys helped with the dishes one morning and were constantly helping with Emma so we could do our part.  IMG_3037 IMG_3042 IMG_3046

On the way home we made a few stops.  The first was at the Ventura Mission.  With he boys going into fourth grade this year, I thought it would be fun to give them a jump start on the IMG_3077California mission curriculum.   But sadly they weren’t interested in the slightest bit.  I guessing that maybe next summer will be more appropriate once they have been educated a bit more about them. 

Last stop was a visit with the Spendlove’s in Santa Paula.  They are dear friends of Harley’s from his mission nearly twenty years ago.  He thoroughly enjoyed reconnecting with them.  IMG_3075IMG_3079