Three months old



Emma’s first three months have gone extremely fast compared to three months of pregnancy.  Times are busy with my return to work and Harley’s new job.   Emma has done great with the changes.  She has the best babysitters…Grandma Kent along with help from Sandy Yunt.   

Emma tip the scale at 11.4 lbs and  is 24.5 inches long according to my measurements.   She is now into six month size clothing.   She is smiling lots and even laughing a bit.  She pushes off everything to try and stand with assistance.  She holds her head proudly and turns it all directions to check out what is happening around her constantly. She seems particularly interested in the bright colors of the television.  She loves to suck on her fists which we are trying to break her of using the pacifier but its not really working.  She is already “talking” or babbling way too much for our liking.  Hopefully its not a sign of the future but my mom assures me that I never stopped talking once I started.  Everywhere we go strangers comment on how beautiful she is.  It appears that she recognizes herself in the mirror by the huge smiles she gives.  Its still hard to get her to smile for the camera.IMG_2159

Emma is still a slow eater.  She is still nursing but happy to have the bottle.  I find her very difficult to burp still.  Sometimes it is a half hour later before we get one out of her.  This month her sleeping habits really improved.  Most nights she will sleep six hours straight.   She happily goes to bed in her crib every night but once she wakes has difficulty going back to sleep in the crib.   And ‘m so tired I give in most of the time.  She loves cuddling and being warm.  When I put her down she immediately stretches and often wakes herself up.  During the day she sleeps best in her car seat.   This has proved to be nice some days with all the traveling to and from Bakersfield that I do.   She does wonderfully in the car…thank goodness. 

She had her first cold this month passed on to her by me.   Poor baby woke for over a week very congested but it didn’t seem to affect her temperament.  Emma is a very content, happy baby.  We continue to feel blessed to have her in our lives.   What an incredible miracle!